Amazon Is Developing A Dedicated Sports App, As Per New Reports

With the recent announcement that it is working on a separate app that may be released at some point in the future, it seems like Amazon is becoming more serious about the sports material it offers. It has been stated that the firm is aiming to showcase its material relating to baseball, football, and soccer and distinguish it from the series and movies that are generally accessible on its Prime Video service. While this initiative is reportedly still in its early stages, it has already begun.

The Prime Video app as well as the Amazon website are now being used by the corporation to stream its sports events. The business hopes to differentiate its sports programming from the rest of its services by highlighting games from professional sports leagues such as the National Football League (NFL), the Premier League, and the New York Yankees. As reported by The Information, there aren’t many specifics about the app, or whether Amazon would split off its sports content as a distinct service in the future. Moreover, it is unclear whether Amazon will sell its sports programming in the future. According to the information provided by the source, there is even the possibility that the application will never be released to the public.

It is difficult to predict the results of this action by Amazon; nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind that Amazon’s rivals have significant stakes in the sports media industry. We revealed a week ago that YouTube will bie the new home for NFL Sunday Ticket, and that the company would purchase the rights to the content for an approximate cost of around $2 billion per year. Beginning in 2023, the content will be available to watch on YouTube as well as YouTube TV, and the firm is collaborating with the NFL to provide users with the most enjoyable experience they can.

The agreement between Apple and Major League Soccer was finalized back in June, and it grants Apple the broadcast rights to games for the next 10 years. Although the material itself will be a significant pull in and of itself, the corporation is looking into new methods to monetise the content, such as expanding its advertising business. Original material used to be the primary selling point for streaming services, but it seems that athletic events and content relating to those events will take center stage over the next several years.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.