NBA 2K23 MyTeam – Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the New Year’s Resolution Cards!

NBA 2K23’s festive mode is finally here and yet, die-hard gamers are still generally confused as far as the New Year’s Resolution cards are concerned and here’s why!

As it turns out, when compared to most other special and featured cards released in NBA 2K23, these New Year’s Resolution ones don’t have a particular pack to get opened using VC or MT.

What this means is that there won’t be any special challenges gamers can complete in order to get a free player pack.

Instead, these new cards are simply available as part of the season 3 pack and the Fireworks pack.

You can also purchase individual cards on Marketplace but since there is typically a high inflation due to gamers from all over the planet trying to outbid each other, it’s not recommended you choose this option.

But before you make any decisions, here’s all you need to know about the NBA 2K23 New Year’s Resolution Cards!

First of all, you’ll be pleased to know that one notable card included is a 95-rated version of David Thompson.

All the featured cards are part of other player packs and can be found scattered in the game.

For instance, the Firewords pack comes with a bunch of exciting cards, including a Paulo Banchero pink diamond!

And of course, this is part of the Galaxy Opal Stephen Curry, which is thought to also be some sort of cheat code in NBA 2K23.

In spite of his career coming to an end earlier than expected because of an injury, Thompson is still considered one of the best shooting guards of all time.

He became part of the Hall of Fame in 1996 and his evolution card shows a version of the star that fans never got to actually see in real life, which is why his card is so special and desirable.

All of these evolution cards are pretty much the prime versions of the players they represent simply based on their potential.

For instance, you can get 95 rated versions of Larry Nance Jr. and Harrison Barnes.

Other great picks are a 93-rated Jamal Mashburn and a 92-rated Clint Capela.

As these players are unique, players will not be required to open any specific packs in order to hopefully get them.

This means that opening any pack will offer you the chance and this includes the Fireworks and season 3 packs.

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