Overwatch 2 Servers Down and Strange Zenyatta Nerfs in the Latest Patch; What’s Happening Next?

Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch 2 community is not happy with the developers’ decision to weaken Zenyatta in the most recent patch. They feel this decision was made for no good reason. One of these alterations to the game’s equilibrium, though, is giving players a bad feeling. Both the range and the duration of Zenyatta’s Discord Orb, which increases the amount of damage that is delivered to a target to which it has been implemented, have been reduced.

Players immediately began discussing the upgrade shortly after the patch hit live, with one content producer, Spillo, describing their concerns as “extremely concerning.” There is more about Zenyatta than meets the eye, despite the fact that most people believe that it might use some improvements.

The Overwatch 2 mid-season patch was released on July 11, and it included quite a few changes, including significant boosts to Soldier 76 and Symmetra, as well as a team queuing option that had been anticipated for quite some time. Therefore, everything worked out just as it should have. Unfortunately, a number of users have claimed that the servers for Overwatch 2 were down for a bit, causing a major setback. Now, concerning Zenyatta and its circumstances.

On Twitter, a number of gamers commented on how difficult it would now be to obtain the Rapid Discord achievement, stating that they count themselves among the fortunate few who have already achieved this difficult and uncommon goal. And it gets much more intense when we take the subject on Reddit.

Players have gathered on Reddit to debate the adjustments that have been made to Zenyatta and how those changes might not have the effect that the creators had hoped for.

Others began to discuss how they would achieve a better balance with the Omnic monk, saying that there needs to be a cool-down period when a target is destroyed, or Discord is shifted to another adversary. It will be fascinating to see, based on how the patch plays out, whether the developers will reassess the adjustments that were made to Zenyatta in time for the start of Season 6 and the beginning of Overwatch 2: Invasion in early August.

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