NBA 2K23 – Here Are the Best Gold MyTeam Cards You Should Definitely Keep!

As you are probably aware, most gold cards are given away really easily and they cost nearly nothing. However, you should make sure you hold onto some of them as they are actually much better than what their rankings may lead you to think.

After logging into the game once, gamers tend to gather way too many of these virtually useless cards so most end up giving them away with the goal of replacing them with better ones.

Of course, that makes sense but, as mentioned before, there are some gold cards you should reconsider discarding.

You should know that not all MyTeam cards with a higher tier or OVR in NBA 2K23 are more useful than all gold cards.

With that being said, to make the selection process easier for you, we have gathered a list of 10 gold cards that are better than most Emerald and Sapphire tiers above them!

That being said, it’s a great idea to keep these cards in order to take your opponents by surprise as you save up for the most impressive elite cards later on.

  1. Rony Seikaly

As you may or may not be aware, the centers in the gold tier are usually quite a letdown on defense, smaller in stature or quite useless when it comes to offense.

However, Rony Seikaly is a great exception that will help beginners win with no problem!

First of all, he is 6’11” tall and also benefits from a gold badge in Fearless Finisher as well as really good finishing badges that allow him to score right from the post.

Not to mention that he will also prevent centers from the other team from using the same tactic thanks to the Post Lockdown badge.

  1. Myles Turner

Myles Turner is undeniably an exceptional center thanks to his 7’4″ wingspan on a 6’11” height.

Furthermore, all of his badges are in the defense/rebounding category and he also benefits from Vice Grip.

  1. Marcus Fizer

Since post moves got seriously upgraded last year, this play style is still very much useful.

Just to keep the defense on their toes, it’s a good idea to have at least one player be excellent at shooting in the post.

Luckily, even as a gold card, Marcus Fizer has all the attributes, hot sports and badges you need to fill this role for your team.

When against power forwards, Fizer will win more than 50 percent of the time.

You can very well move this 6’8″ player against any small forward, getting a huge advantage.

Finally, Fizer is a trusty rebounder on defense as well.

  1. Marcus Smart

While shooting guards normally play as the primary offense, Marcus Smart’s gold card can lock down the opposing team’s main scoring threat as well, something you should really take advantage of.

After all, when playing defense, shooting guards are the first position you should think of whether by letting it go from deep, slashing inside or using a mix of these tactics.

  1. Cedric Maxwell

It’s no secret that power forwards in the gold tier are usually nothing more than interior defense helpers.

However, Cedric Maxwell’s badges turn this player into a super effective slasher on the end of the court so you shouldn’t skip this card.

Due to being 6’8″, you can also pump him over to small forward if you so wish.

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