More than 1 million People Watched BTS Speak at the U.N. Assembly

Credit: Youtube/ Washington Post

The Korean super band BTS arrived a few days ago in New York as special envoys of the United Nations. The South Korean President has previously given them diplomatic passports as the band members have proven multiple times that they are valuable messengers of the South Korean country.
It is common for celebrities to give speeches during the U.N. General Assembly, and this year, BTS members were invited.

ARMYs and people worldwide tuned in to listen to their speech

The boy band performed at the U.N. headquarters; they gave a speech and delighted everyone with their presence. Most of those present, including top politicians and policymakers, was excited to meet them and take pictures.
Yesterday, more than 1 million people went online and watched the BTS members speak at the assembly. ARMYs are perhaps the most organized fans, and the online community was present on U.N.’s YouTube channel to show BTS the love and support they deserve.

The band members gave wonderful speeches in which they talked about the younger generations, the future after the pandemic, and more. The seven members revealed that they were fully vaccinated and that they would be able to meet fans and participate in events.
After their speech, the members presented a video performance of their hit: β€˜Permission to Dance.’ President Moon presented them as special envoys for future generations, and culture is artists loved by people worldwide.

Many left the online streaming after BTS finished, and the online audience remained at around 50,000 viewers. BTS fans and many South Koreans who are proud of what the band has accomplished over the years flooded social media to congratulate Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

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