McDonald’s Launches Unique Chicken McNugget Tetris Game Gadget

Ever since its release in the Soviet Union back in 1985, Tetris has been available on a wide range of devices, which includes PC and gaming consoles.

There are many ways to play the game, but the most bizarre could be a recent campaign at McDonald’s: the fast food chain is presenting a Tetris game in the style of a Chicken McNugget!

The gadget is packaged in a design based on a Chicken McNugget box, and the official Tetris Twitter account published photographs of the product as well as stickers with McDonald’s imagery.

But there’s a catch: for the time being, only Chinese establishments may use the gadget.

“What happens when #Tetris meets a Chicken McNugget? 🐔Exclusively available at McDonald’s in China for a limited time, fans can play Tetris on a Chicken McNugget game device! 🕹️ #McDonalds #TetrisMcNugget,” the official account tweeted.

Understandably, Tetris aficionados have shown a lot of interest in the gadget! Gamers who are envious that Tetris Chicken McNugget hasn’t been distributed outside of China have responded to the tweet in droves.

The Tetris game that can be played on the smartphone won’t be nearly as complex as Tetris Effect: connected, but it ought to still make a really awesome collectible.

Fans will have to make do with snatching one on the secondary market unless McDonald’s and Tetris decide to introduce the device to North America.

Fortunately, costs are now rather affordable, with items selling under $30 on websites like eBay.

Since the beginning of the series, special Tetris gadgets have been a part of it.

It’s odd that a version for Nintendo’s Game & Watch series was abruptly canceled.

Last month, screenshots and videos from a game that appeared to be finished were posted online.

The Tetris-inspired Game & Watch version would’ve been an LCD game as well, just like the Chicken McNugget Tetris game.

Sadly, that one felt somewhat constrained, which could have been one of the main causes of its demise.

Of course, Tetris’ success on the NES and Game Boy at the time might possibly have had a role.

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