Dolph Lundgren May Star in Upcoming ‘The Witcher’ Spinoff

It appears like Dolph Lundgren has joined the cast of a brand-new The Witcher spin-off. In an interview for the Swedish publication Aftonbladet, Lundgren reportedly disclosed that insight, according to Collider.

There was no more explanation, but Collider theorizes that this could be related to the spin-off starring the Rats, which was made public earlier this year.

Though the concept hasn’t been formally announced by Netflix, the characters initially featured in the novel Time of Contempt.

When The Witcher’s third season debuts this summer, viewers should get to know the characters since it will be mainly based on that book.

It appears that “Riff Raff” is the working name for the Rats spin-off.

The show will focus on a bunch of young thieves who “must depend on their criminal abilities as they plan the largest theft of their lives against the most dangerous crime ring in the kingdom,” according to a leaked quote for the program.

Given the ages of the key protagonists, Collider has hypothesized that Dolph Lundgren would be the show’s villain, but until we hear from Netflix officially, all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Lundgren has a history of portraying ominous roles, such as Konstantin Kovar in Arrow and Frank Castle in The Punisher.

It’s not difficult to picture Lundgren adding something intriguing to the world of The Witcher and posing a significant threat to the Rats when they attempt the robbery.

It will be fascinating to watch when the spin-off debuts, whether everything turns out to be true or not.

Late last year, The Witcher: Blood Origin made its streaming service debut, keeping fans entertained until Season 3’s arrival.

There’s a chance that this Rats-based series may likewise bridge the gap between Season 3 and Season 4, but there is currently no way to tell for sure.

Ionela Ghergus
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