Top Tips to Catch Shiny Slugma and Shiny Magcargo in Pokémon GO


Shiny Slugma may be encountered in many challenging ways, and if you do manage to come across one, it is going to be one of the most exciting Pokemon encounters you have ever had! The Shiny variations of Slugma are even more useful than their Shiny counterparts since their fighting prowess is increased even further when they develop into Magcargo. So, what are we waiting for?! Let’s see how you can get your Shiny Slugma, and then a Shiny Magcargo after evolution!

First Step: How to Get Your Shiny Slugma?

There are many cool events in Pokemon GO that have the potential to raise the wild spawn rate of Slugma. This will make it simpler to come across more Slugma and will also improve the likelihood of discovering a Shiny. Neat! The chance of a Shiny Slugma encounter, on the other hand, is increased by activities like as the Scorching Steps, which involve Slugma. It is possible for highlighted events to boost the possibility of obtaining Shiny items in Eggs, Research activities, or in the wild.

BONUS TIP: To make the most of the event’s rewards and boost your chances of winning, it is recommended that you make use of in-game goods such as Incense, Weather Boost, and Lure Modules.

By purchasing a large quantity of Incubators and Eggs at PokeStops and Gyms, you can improve your chances of obtaining a Shiny Slugma. After that, just walk the necessary distance in order to hatch several eggs measuring 2 kilometers. It is possible to boost your odds of coming across a Shiny Slugma by hatching a large number of Eggs.

Finally, if you manage to complete specific Pokemon GO Research assignments that involve Shiny Slugma, you will have the opportunity to come across one. Impressive!

Second Step: How to Get Shiny Magcargo ?

Upon capturing a Shiny Slugma, you will need to proceed to develop the ‘mon into a Shiny Magcargo. This process will need you to spend fifty Slugma Candy. The next step is to fulfill the conditions for Pokemon GO Candy either capturing and transferring several Slugma, or by designating Slugma your Buddy Pokemon and completing daily chores. Have fun!

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