League of Legends Gets Ready For The Lunar New Year: Expect Lunar Gods, New Skins And A Themed Event!

Credit: League of Legends

The fans of League of Legends will soon be able to witness the advent of more Lunar Gods and Mythmakers just before the start of the new Lunar Year.  On January 12 at 11 AM (PT), just after patch 13.1, a brand-new Lunar Gala-themed event will be made available to celebrate the start of the new year in style. If you want to assist Chibi Panda Annie kick off her Lunar Gala, create the most powerful team comp ever in Fortune’s Favor, and win access to the event-only Tacticians and Arena, you have until the release of patch 13.3 on February 9th.

You may buy the House of the Golden Rabbit in bundles from Penthouse Party Boxes or buy it alone for 390 RP. The drop rate for the private arena is 2%, and you are guaranteed to access it after opening the 61st box. Fireworks may be fired off, giant holographic animals can be interacted with, and an opening ceremony can be held in which the whole Convergence is invited to a celebration to remember on the lunar surface. The Lunar New Year and the traditions that accompany the celebration are included prominently in the designs of the first skins that are made available at the start of each new season and calendar year. This practice has become a long-standing ritual. During the course of the Lunar Gods event, Rift players will witness the arrival of the following gods and goddesses: Lunar Guardian Kha’Zix,  Lunar Guardian Malphite,  Lunar Empress Ashe, Lunar Empress Qiyana, Lunar Emperor Thresh.

In addition, champions that were created by the Mythmakers are making their way to the Rift. One of these champions, the Blade Dancer Irelia, has arrived elegantly while sporting a new legendary skin. This skin collection pays attention to many of the traditions that are observed throughout the Lunar New Year; the one that stands out the most is the color scheme, which places emphasis on tones of red and gold. Other cultural elements, such as floral patterns and paper origami, may be observed integrated into the design of the skin line as well. These elements can be seen in the animations of Galio, Zyra, and Garen.

Sivir is also debuting in the Mythmaker skin range, in addition to her new Prestige skin, among these other four champions. Alongside the Battle Mistress, Lissandra will also be making her debut in the Prestige skin section with the introduction of a new golden variant of her Porcelain skin.

Lunar Gala Event

You’ll be able to interact with Chibi Panda Annie in The Lunar Gala as she gets ready for a celebration at the House of the Golden Rabbit, but the legendary party-pooper Aurelion Sol won’t make things easy. Complete 15 quests to get 1 Emote, 1600 Pass XP, 100 Star Shards, and an Egg containing one of our Lunar Revel-themed Little Legends. You may either win Aurelion Sol over with your friendliness or pray that he wrath departs the party.

Fortune’s Favor

The Fortune’s Favor event marks the debut of TFT’s first temporary game mode. To provide you an early carry chance in your competition, the initial shared carousel (draft) will include just 5-cost champions or only 4-cost champions, depending on your preference. But the Golden Bun Bun is the true high roller, since he drops treasure orbs at the end of each level.

While the strength of loot orbs varies by game and level, it is consistent for all players to get the same amount every offering. So doing will provide a level playing field for all participants. To balance off all the good fortune, Golden Bun Bun has another present for you and the other seven participants in the game. Once your Tactician health is below 50, the Golden Bun Bun will leap on the board and give you a Golden Orb filled with some major riches.

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