‘Last Train Home’ – All You Need to Know About This Upcoming Video Game Based on World War 1 Events


A survival real-time strategy game called Last Train Home recounts a terrifying story based on true World War One events.

To transport a bunch of soldiers home on a stolen armored train, players will need to utilize their ingenuity.

THQ Nordic is taking an innovative approach to the RTS genre by fusing base-building and crew management with logical and approachable gameplay.

In the immediate aftermath of World War One, a squad of Czechoslovak troops is trapped behind German lines. This is the narrative of Last Train Home.

Fortunately, they are able to rob an armored train and go home through the harsh Siberian winter.

To develop LTH as historically authentic as feasible, THQ conducted significant studies and worked closely with the descendants of Czech soldiers.

Soldiers had to protect the train and do other tasks like repairs and cooking, just like in the actual events the game is based on.

Last Train Home offers much more to it than just RTS warfare, despite it being a significant part of the game.

While there are strategic real-time fights in Last Train Home that can be slowed down and halted, players must also employ strategies for base construction and crew management in order to survive.

Each member of the train’s small crew is allowed to hold two jobs: one for fighting and one for helping the train and other survivors.

These tasks include fixing the train when it malfunctions or is attacked by opponents, taking care of the crew’s needs, and improving the train.

Players must carefully evaluate where it is safe to halt the train so that they can replenish their supplies.

In Last Train Home, stunning scenery and Siberia’s unforgivably severe winter weather are to be expected as well, which can change the troops’ journey unexpectedly.

The towns and locations that can offer supplies and rest to units of soldiers are shown to the players.

While some places can have useful supplies or even brand-new allies, others might be home to adversaries waiting to ambush the soldiers or the train.

The train will need to be repaired by soldiers several times.

There will be encounters with hostile troops and unexpected assaults like artillery fire that might seriously harm the train and its crew.

Because troops are permanently lost if they are killed, caution must be taken.

The single-player campaign in Last Train Home will need players to plan ahead and manage their team, and it will likely take them 30 to 40 hours to finish.

Combat, on the other hand, will put players’ strategic abilities to the test. While on missions, ten soldiers can be handled at once.

Each soldier may be given a specific mission and relocated to another area while others finish their work.

Players may manage the fight at their own speed and even completely halt it using the point-and-click controls.

This gameplay element is simple to use and makes it simple to set up ambushes while also achieving side goals.

Many of the missions and destinations that the player’s gang can visit are up to them.

Nevertheless, choices have an impact on how LTH’s tale develops.

Players may get much-needed resources by aiding a group of strangers, which they may then use to fix the train or provide food for the survivors.

Even newly formed allies may later seem to support players when it counts most, but occasionally aiding others may prove to be a trap that damages the train or even results in the deaths of soldiers.

With these gameplay elements, Last Train Home’s tale ought to be full of surprises and have enough variety to allow for several different playthroughs.

As players go through the plot of The Last Train Home, the severity of the weather and enemy assaults will rise, putting troop and armored train improvements to the test.

In order for players to thoroughly immerse themselves in the tribulations of the Czechoslovakian soldiers, the game will also have a comprehensive encyclopedia of the events it is based on.

Later this year, Last Train Home will be released for PC so look out for it if you’re interested in the premise and gameplay!

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