Timeleft: Meet New Friends, No Dating Involved!

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If you love going out, parties or just a nice cozy little dinner, then you should definitely check out Timeleft! By setting up dinner gatherings, this app is intended to make it easier for those who want to try something extraordinary and meet new people. But how different is actually from typical dating apps? Well, it does make a pretty significant difference due to the fact that it places more of an emphasis on the development of social experiences than it does on ‘love connections.’ Sleek!

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Timeleft: More Than Connecting People

If you want  to go out and mingle in an environment that is pleasant and low-pressure, you definitely have to learn more about Timeleft. Getting away from the realm of online dating and making fresh connections in real life is possible thanks to Timeleft. Sounds really comfortable and fun, right?! But what truly sets Timeleft apart from other dating apps is that, rather than allowing you to swipe through profiles, it employs a simple personality test to pair you with people who are suitable with you for a dinner date.

In other words, the purpose of that is to simply break the ice and engage in engaging discussions with new individuals that you may not have otherwise encountered.

Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

One of the other amazing perks is that Timeleft can book a restaurant and make the dinner arrangements for you, practically removing all of the unneeded effort that you would normally have to manage. There are also no images or profiles to use as a basis for judging individuals, which encourages communication and connection solely based on the individual’s personality. This is without a doubt one of the most enticing features that an application could possibly come up with!

Last but not least, if you connect with someone beyond the initial dinner encounter, Timeleft will make it easier for you to continue communicating with them via an in-app chat option. It’s so easy!

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