Capture One on iOS: Best Features on an iPhone You Need to Try

Gabija Morkūnaitė Capture One

Capture One has finally made it to the iPhone, and it’s probably the best news in a while for content creators! Photographers may now shoot photographs directly into the app on their phones by connecting their cameras to their mobile devices. That’s just brilliant! However, this is where Capture One really shines: it is compatible with more than 500 different cameras, including those made by Nikon, Leica, Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, and Sigma. Quite remarkable, isn’t it?!

So, using Capture One right on your iPhone will be a smooth experience, and you’ll also be able to enjoy a brand-new photography experience. This will highly encourage more content creators to try their hand at different projects and make it like never before!

Let’s delve into more details about Capture One features on iPhones!

You can now download Capture One from the App Store. After a seven-day free trial, a subscription to Capture One costs $5 per month; however, those who already own the iPad app or the All in One package can use Capture One on their iPhones at no additional cost. Neat!

Capture One on iPhone has the capability to make adjustments to photos automatically as they are sent from your camera to your phone. What’s best is that you may get a head start on your planning by developing styles on the desktop or iPad and then just flawlessly AirDropping them to your iPhone.

Finally, RAW conversion and color processing are a couple of the other cool features and tools offered by Capture One that will also be available on your iPhone. For instance, you can easily and securely transfer photos to Capture One Pro via the cloud and then complete editing them on your local computer. And here’s where Capture One really shines! When you transfer your photographs, edits, color tags, and, of course, your ratings will not be lost. According to Capture One, you are able to export photographs even to an external SSD!

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