Gangs of Sherwood Video Game – Story Details and More!

New information on the plot establishing Gangs of Sherwood has been made public by NACON and the game’s creator Appeal Studios.

Gangs of Sherwood, a co-op adventure game, is marketed as a retelling of the iconic Robin Hood fable.

Players have a choice between four of the most well-known heroes from the mythology in Gangs of Sherwood.

Playable characters include Friar Tuck, Little John, Maid Marian, as well as Robin Hood.

Attempts have been made, according to Appeal Studios, to highlight the lore by introducing lesser-known characters like Alan-a-Dale.

The game will also provide players with a thorough understanding of the enemies.

Both the prioress of Kirklees and the vibrant Guy of Gisbourne, who is frequently portrayed as an assassin entrusted with slaying Robin Hood, are among these.

The narrative of Gangs of Sherwood offers a distinctive spin on the Robin Hood myth.

The protagonists of this war narrative mount an uprising against the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham.

The universe is heavily reliant on technology, which gives the game’s medieval setting a science-fantasy twist.

Andrea Di Stefano said that “The new technology was made possible by the Lionheart, a unique stone brought back from the Crusades, which can be used to transform metal and give it magical properties. This swift technological progress has led to a revolution in transportation and the way the war unfolds. In our case, it is having a big impact on combat, on the way the characters interact with enemies and the power they can unleash, which results in explosive and spectacular battles.”

Players will experience a broad range of settings throughout their quest, some of which will undoubtedly feel familiar.

Michael Defroyennes explains how “We start in the village of Locksley, which is under siege, and there will be other iconic places, of course, such as Sherwood Forest and the city of Nottingham. We also wanted to highlight the bleak aspect of the various regions to show how the world is war-torn and the how pollution from technology has impacted the environment.”

This fall, Gangs of Sherwood will be available for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Steam.

A precise release date, however, is yet to be made official.

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