Is Gohan’s New Form in ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ More Powerful Than Goku’s Ultra Instinct? Here’s Our Answer


In the new ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ movie, Gohan and Piccolo were the stars of the show. They had to face the new and improved Red Ribbon Army, the evil organization that brought back one of the franchise’s most powerful villains, just as we said even a week before the movie’s release.

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In order to deal with the new threat, Gohan achieved a new transformation that’s known as ‘Final Gohan.’ Red eyes and white hair represent the biggest visual changes. As for other changes, the transformation made Goku’s son stronger than ever. He achieved his form after seeing Piccolo, his first trainer and trusted friend, getting beaten up by Cell.

In his new form, Gohan made Cell look like nothing against him.

But how strong is Gohan now, actually? Is he stronger than his father going Mastered Ultra Instinct? That’s one big conundrum that we’ll try to solve.

Gohan surpassed his father in the past a few times

Even during the first episodes of Dragon Ball Z, when Goku almost got killed by his evil brother Raditz, Gohan could generate greater power than both of them. Despite being only four years old and never trained before, Goku’s son landed a devastating blow on Raditz. The only downside was that Gohan could activate that huge power only for a few seconds and while being unconscious of it.

Later on in his life, Gohan became even stronger and learned how to control his power. Even so, the franchise always said that Goku’s son has some sort of hidden power. During the Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z, Gohan and his father, Goku, trained together in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to become strong enough to take down Cell, the android created by Dr. Gero.


Cell was a lot different in the anime compared to how we’ve seen him in the new 2022 movie. He was obviously a lot weaker, first of all. But so were all the Z warriors, as they were nowhere near God level as they are in Dragon Ball Super.

After their training was done, both Goku and Gohan confronted the terrifying villain. In the end and during the battle itself, Gohan proved to be a lot stronger than his father. At only 11 years old, Gohan achieved the Super Saiyan 2 transformation and managed to destroy Cell in the end after some unforgettable battles, an intervention from Goku, and plenty of other twists. However, the show’s main Saiyan, Son Goku, had a huge contribution to Cell’s defeat.

Gohan taught Majin Buu a lesson he won’t forget

The Majin Buu arc came after the Cell Saga – Gohan grew up into a man who was about to become a husband as well, but yet an even greater threat was approaching. That foe was known as Majin Buu, a fighter even stronger than Cell and with a unique fast regeneration technique that allowed him to recover after every blow, almost regardless of how powerful it was. Also, we can’t forget about his other unique ability of instantly and effortlessly turning anyone into candy with a simple wave shot from his antenna. Regardless of how powerful an opponent was, he was “bye bye” if the laser hit him.

Majin Buu moped the floor with many of the Z warriors, including Vegeta and Gohan. But although he was severely wounded, Gohan survived and went to the Old Kai to learn some new fighting tricks. The kai made Goku’s son once again unleash some other hidden powers that he had. That’s when Gohan achieved his Ultimate technique, one that is so powerful that the fighter didn’t even need to transform into a Super Saiyan anymore. He was basically looking as if he’s in his base form, but with a glowing white aura surrounding him. That form was awakening all his potential, making the transformation into a Super Saiyan practically useless.

Gohan confronted Majin Buu for the second time, and the monster was even a lot more powerful than before. But so was Goku’s son, and he was ready for another round. Gohan was easily tearing Majin Buu apart, but still, failed in the end because of making the huge mistake to become arrogant and sloppy. But even so, the half-blooded Saiyan had still proven in that fight irrefutably to be even stronger than Goku when the latter went Super Saiyan 3.

Final Gohan vs. Ultra Instinct Goku – who would win?

We believe that Ultra Instinct Goku still has the upper hand on this one. Final Gohan is stronger than Super Saiyan Blue level, but Ultra Instinct is clearly something else. Not even Super Saiyan Blue Vegito would be able to stand a chance against MUI Goku if the two characters would somehow meet. Learning the Ultra Instinct technique takes a lot of practice, and it’s something that not even the gods can obtain easily, as it was said during the Tournament of Power from the Dragon Ball Super anime. Gohan’s new form, on the other hand, is something Goku’s son achieved while being enraged at seeing Piccolo defeated at the hands of Cell. We can’t even be sure that Gohan is able to control the technique at this point, but we’ll indeed find out soon enough.

What’s your opinion on the subject? Can Final Gohan defeat Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku?

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