‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ Brings Back Cell

Source: gamerant.com

We suspected for a long time that the evil android known as Cell, who was created by Dr. Gero back in Dragon Ball Z to be one of the anime’s top villains, is coming back to the franchise at some point. And we finally have credible information that the upcoming movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is indeed bringing back the powerful villain!

Cell from DBZ is surely no match against Gohan or Goku in Super, and as it usually happens in Dragon Ball, the villain will be a lot more powerful than before. Cell will be new and improved – and he’ll have a new fancy name, too.

Is Gohan ready for Cell Max?

Cell Max is the villain’s new name, and he’ll even have a slightly different appearance. There’s no telling exactly how he looks, but we’ll all find out for sure on June 11 when the movie is released. Gohan’s daughter Pan is kidnapped by the Red Ribbon Army in order to lure Goku’s son into a trap. Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are two of the new androids created by the evil organization, but an even more powerful foe is waiting in the shadows to have his revenge on Gohan. And that foe is none other than Cell.

Gohan is responsible for taking down Cell back in Dragon Ball Z after a long, fierce, and brutal fight. At that time, the half-Saiyan was just 11 years old. But still, he was the youngest Super Saiyan and perhaps the strongest fighter in the entire Universe. Gohan engaged in the battle against Cell after long and intense training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber along with his father, Goku.

The upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie is focusing mostly on Gohan and Piccolo. While Goku’s son will probably be the hero of the show, Piccolo gets a lot of credit as well, as he’ll have a new form. Under these circumstances, Cell will do everything to have his revenge!


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