iPhones Could Feature MicroLED Displays in the Future, Says Report

Credit: Apple

Another day, another Apple report regarding the next-gen iPhones. Well, we don’t complain about it, but still, nothing is confirmed, so that everything could be possible. This time around, a recent report is looking way much into the iPhones’ future.

Next in Apple’s plans is an iPhone with a microLED display, according to a report from the supply chain journal DigiTimes. How would the microLED tech be different from what iPhones have now? In comparison to existing OLED panels, this future display technology would deliver better brightness, enhanced contrast ratio, lower power consumption, and other advantages. Still interested?! As great as that could be, the Apple Watch Ultra would actually be the first to get such microLED display tech.

Let’s delve into more details.

First, an excerpt from the DigiTimes report:

[…] Apple plans to further introduce microLED display to iPhone and iPad; […] Apple Watch Ultra will no longer use existing OLED display by end-2024 or 2025 as it will be replaced by Apple’s self-developed microLED display.

Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

The first iPhone to employ microLED is most likely still a few years away from going on sale because the Apple Watch Ultra isn’t anticipated to use such display tech until 2025. On the other hand, it is now anticipated that OLED panels will still be used in all four of the next iPhone 15 variants (disappointing much?!).

FUN FACT: The Apple Watch was the first Apple product to include an OLED display!

Apple is still working to finish the switch to OLED panels, and it looks like it does have quite a long time ahead. For instance, did you know that the iPhone X was actually the second to come with an OLED panel? The iPad and Mac models are also expected to be on sale in early 2024. Well, until Apple doesn’t confirm anything, we can except more to happen.

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