Fortnite: LEGO Mode is Allegedly On Its Way to the Island!

Credit: Epic Games/ WB

Thanks to a fresh Fortnite leak, we know that Epic Games is actually cooking something really good! A Fortnite x LEGO crossover is reportedly in the works, with a cool LEGO mode that may be used for UEFN. What’s best is that we’re going to see tons of sleek features. LEGO and Fortnite have previously collaborated, so that it wouldn’t be the first time. Are you excited about the Fortnite x LEGO crossover?

Thanks to tipster @ GMatrixGames, we know that the future Fortnite x LEGO collab is now along its way, and it’ll air in the game at some point this summer. Check out what the tipster shared on Twitter:

Fortnite x LEGO Crossover: What to Expect?

The Fortnite and LEGO collaboration should welcome tons of goodies, including an exclusive in-game experience! But, whatever it will come with, the new leak claims that it will reportedly feature “custom UI elements,” “unique” enemy NPCs, and something dubbed “Adventures.”

What’s best at the LEGO mode in Fortnite is that it will be produced in the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), according to one of the most reliable tipsters out there, HYPEX.

What are your thoughts about a Fortnite x LEGO collaboration? What would you like to see up next in the game?

Here’s what HYPEX tweeted:

The thing with this cool collab between Fortnite and LEGO is that neither of the parts have released any statements about what’s next. Well, that could come a bit disappointing for some, but we don’t have to feel like that at all. Considering such leaks happened before and were accurate, the chances are also pretty high this time.

So, fingers crossed to see the new Fortnite x LEGO collab happening as soon as possible, along with some much-deserved goodies. A new mode will definitely upgrade our in-game experience!

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