iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max Could Be the Biggest iPhones We’ve Seen Yet

Credit: Apple

iPhone 15 might be far along its way, but hey, why not discuss its successor, iPhone 16?! Rumors about the biggest iPhones we’ve ever seen have just resurfaced, stirring quite the buzz. Do you really think the iPhones could get even bigger than they are now? Let’s delve into some details first.

An”Ultra” version of the iPhone 16, which is scheduled for release in 2024, might be the biggest iPhone yet, according to display supply chain specialist Ross Young. Take a look at his claims:

Well, well, we bet you didn’t see that coming, right?! I mean, we’re months away from the big iPhone 15 debut, but we like it so much when things are discussed in advance. Of course, anything could be possible about iPhone 16 because we didn’t even know much accurate stuff about the next one!

What are your thoughts about a bigger iPhone?

How big is it too big actually for an iPhone?

The screen size of the 16 Pro might be approximately 6.2 inches, while the Pro Max-equivalent could measure over 6.8 inches, according to Young. That’s actually a lot, compared to the display of the iPhone 14 Pro, for example, which is 6.12 inches, while the iPhone Max’s 6.69 inches. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

What would mean by a bigger iPhone?

Well, for starters, more space for mobile hardware, of course! And that definitely includes more advanced camera lenses. Though size doesn’t always matter, as they say, for some smartphone users, it really does. Obviously, we all have our preferences, and sometimes bigger is better.

Similar to the Galaxy S23, the iPhone 15 may come with a sleek periscope camera that would totally make a difference by just enhancing the zoom stabilization. Though it’s all just rumors and speculations, it’s somehow possible that Apple is trying its hand at something new this time around. That may also indicate even more or, at the very least, bigger lenses.

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