How to Collect Pokemon Go Candy XL: New Bonus Details

Pokemon Go’s newest update is now available, and players can quickly grab some sleek resources to boost their Pokemon. 

Candy XL, first introduced in December last year, is an excellent addition if you want to efficiently power up the level 40 characters. With the update back, Niantic has come up with some rules, including how you can collect Candy Xl. If you have difficulty enjoying the update, there are some tips and tricks ready to help you.

Here is what you need to know.

Candy XL Explained: What Should You Know

Before the update, Candy XL was kind of random. But that changed on March 11, when the rare items are now guaranteed in more situations, making it far easier for players to power up their ‘mon to the max.

So, what should you do?

You can try to search for some sweet Candy XL by catching Pokemon. The best move is with the Legendary ones because they’ll offer you the resource to catch some rare creatures.

Let’s take Meltan’s box item, for example. Using it to spawn Legendary ‘mon will bring you a Candy XL specific to the Steel-type. So, every time you get a monster, you’ll also grab some Candy XL!

To note, you’ll get a lot of Candy only if the character’s rarity is high.

How to Collect Candy XL

As previously mentioned, one of the best and efficient methods of collecting some Candy XL is by catching Pokemon. How much Candy you’ll get depends on the Pokemon’s type:

  • Legendary/Mythical: 3x Candy XL (up to 6);
  • 3rd Evolution: 2x Candy XL (up to 5);
  • 2nd Evolution: 1x Candy XL (4);
  • Base Pokemon: Random chance.

Of course, there are some other methods you might want to try:

  • Evolving Pokemon;
  • Trading;
  • Buddy Pokemon can find some.

The new set of rules is pretty decent, meaning we don’t have to deal with some daring challenges or other tasks. 

Up to this point, most trainers would use Pinap Berries. But, now is the Golden Raspberry as XL Candy, the most valuable. Get your own and enjoy a sleek adventure!

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