Hideo Kojima Reveals Just How Much He Is Involved in the ‘Death Stranding’ Movie Adaptation


Famous video game developer Hideo Kojima has made it clear how much he is personally involved in the upcoming Death Stranding film adaptation.

A movie version of the game with the same title, was revealed to be in the works towards the end of the previous year in addition to a game sequel to the 2019 release.

Although the specifics of this project are still unknown, Kojima has made it as clear as possible that he will not be directing the film in the same capacity as he did the game.

Kojima made sure to detail just how active he actually is in the Death Stranding movie in a statement posted on Twitter.

Kojima stated that he would still serve as the film’s producer even if he would not be directing it.

He continued by saying that he is making a significant contribution to the movie’s plot and look.

Given this, it is obvious that Death Stranding’s film adaptation will share many elements with its original work.

Kojima took to his Twitter account to share the following: “Just to be clear, I am deeply involved in producing, supervising, plotting, look, design and content of the film adaptation of [Death Stranding], just not in charge of directing.”

He did not elaborate further on the possibility of a director for the film, but it is clear that Kojima is probably far too preoccupied with his work on video games to simultaneously serve as a director.

When any of these prospective Death Stranding projects will actually be released is still unknown.

The Death Stranding movie is currently in its very early stages because neither a writer nor a director have been hired.

Regarding Death Stranding 2, Kojima has been hinting at the game’s production throughout 2023. However, the much anticipated sequel has no official release date as of yet and is just planned for the PlayStation 5.

Ionela Ghergus
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