Star Trek: Infinite – Check out the First Gameplay Teaser!

The developers at Paradox Interactive are working on a new grand strategy game called Star Trek: Infinite.

Naturally, fans of the genre will be familiar with Paradox as the developer of other huge titles such as Crusader Kings III and Stellaris.

Star Trek: Infinite should easily fit into that library after seeing its initial gameplay footage, even if its creator Nimble Giant Entertainment only has a limited amount of experience outside of Master of Orion.

All the hallmarks of 4x fun are there in the team’s initial gameplay teaser, so check it out for yourself!

Star Trek: Infinite has the appearance that it ought to have been released a long time ago in many different ways.

The closest we have come to combining Star Trek with grand strategy is the 1999 Hasbro game Star Trek: Birth of the Federation.

Everything else has been subpar RTS games with a different feel.

By putting all of Paradox’s power behind this game, Star Trek fans should finally receive the game they have been waiting for.

“Embark on a journey through uncharted territories in the new #StarTrek game, Star Trek: Infinite!” the tweet reads.

This first teaser definitely seems to suggest that there is a lot of potential. It shows players making contact with intelligent species, creating space stations orbiting planets, fostering better ties through diplomacy, and even participating in ship-on-ship combat.

It seems to be everything that fans have been waiting for, which makes sense given that Star Trek: Infinite is based on Stellaris, a beloved space strategy game that, when it was first released, had a similar feel to Star Trek but without all the recognizable characters.

By providing gamers with access to all the expected factions and characters, Infinite corrects that. You will be able to decide whether you wish to control the galaxy as the Cardassian Union, the Klingon Empire, or even the United Federation of Planets.

Depending on the side you select, you will have the chance to hire well known individuals along the journey such as Picard, Makbar, Data, and many others.

Star Trek: Infinite appears to be the grand strategy game people have been waiting for when it launches later this year, despite the fact that this teaser was only a brief preview of what’s to come.

Ionela Ghergus
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