Here’s What iOS Features Should We Get in 2023

Credit: Apple

2023 has just kicked in, and it will definitely be a busy one for Apple. Despite the lack of information concerning iOS 17, the tech giant based in Cupertino has already disclosed a number of improvements that will be included in subsequent releases like iOS 16.3 and iOS 16.4.

Check out below 5 features we should totally see rolling soon on iOS devices.

Apple Pay Later

Credit: MacRumors

Apple Pay Later is a financing option that enables eligible consumers in the U.S. to divide a purchase into four equal payments over six weeks with no interest or penalties to pay. It was first introduced at WWDC 2022 back in June. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

For purchases both online and in applications on the iPhone and iPad, the capability will be integrated into the Wallet app. But there’s a catch!

Unfortunately, this iOS feature will be available only for qualifying applicants in the U.S.

Apple Card Savings Account

Credit: MacRumors

Another money-related feature, the Apple Card Saving Account, could be handy!

Apple said in October that Apple Card holders will soon be able to create a new Goldman Sachs high-yield savings account and have their Daily Cash cashback rewards automatically transferred into it, free of charge and subject to no minimum balance limitations. The iPhone’s Wallet app would be used to administer the account.

Web Push Notifications

Credit: MacRumors

Apple discussed that opt-in support for web-based push notifications would be added to iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. What does this mean?

Users of the iPhone and iPad will be able to receive notifications from websites via Safari just as they do from applications, thanks to this functionality.

Next-Gen CarPlay

Credit: MacRumors

Apple unveiled a peek of CarPlay’s next iteration at WWDC 2022, which would enable multiple screens, widgets, and interaction with in-car features, including temperature controls, instrument panels, and FM radio. How cool is that?!

Advanced-Data Availability in More Countries

Credit: MacRumors

With the recent release of the optional Advanced Data Protection feature by Apple, many more iCloud services—including iCloud Backups, Reminders, Photos, Notes, Voice Memos, and other stuff, now provide end-to-end encryption.

The feature was included in iOS 16.2, macOS 13.1, and other recent software upgrades but only for U.S. users. The advanced-data functionality will be available to users worldwide in early 2023.

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