GTA Online: New RP Activities and Double Cash Events

The online mode for GTA V seems to be just like wine: the older it gets, the better it becomes. Of course, that is if we neglect the connection issues that many players still deal with. GTA Online will receive a new series of RP activities and more in the next few days. Los Santos will once again become flooded with players who are willing to explore a vastness of opportunities.

Do you want to earn more money in GTA Online or engage in thrilling RP activities to prove that you’re better than others? If your answer is ‘yes’, it means that you cannot afford to miss the new update of the legendary open-world game, and informs us what exactly we can expect new in GTA Online.

Live from February 25th to March 3rd

From February 25th to March 3rd, GTA Online players will get to enjoy Double Cash events, RP Activities, and even discounts. To summarize the first two categories, here’s what the players will receive:

  • Simeon Missions
  • Stunt Races
  • DJ Request Missions
  • Sumo
  • Special Cargo Sales

DJ Request Missions represent a rare but sure way of earning Double Cash and RP. If you’re into stunt racing (like most GTA fans out there), you shouldn’t miss the Stunt Races from GTA Online, as they’re getting even more interesting. How about the Sumo part? Trying to push another player’s car off the arena may sound childish, but GTA Online has the merit of showcasing such a struggle in a fun way.

Gamers who enjoy their favourite titles on PlayStation 5 consoles will get to play an enhanced and extended version of GTA 5 in the next several months. Rockstar is updating its famous title so that it will take more advantage of the advanced hardware of the PS5 console.

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