Google Pixel 7a vs. Google Pixel 4a – Should You Do the Upgrade?


Hoping for the best but keep hanging on to the past? Well, it shouldn’t be the case with the newest Pixel phones. However, looking back at how Google Pixel 4a came, it was such a stylish offering by Google, a trendsetter, and an alive memory of the old Nexus line. It’s hard to forget, isn’t it?! But it also came with some of the greatest photographic features of any Pixel to date (can you believe that?!). That definitely makes it a challenging phone, even for the latest Google Pixel 7a.

So, the question is, should you or should you not do the upgrade?

It might be time to switch off that dated Google 4a for a more modern one now that the Pixel 7a has been launched. But how different are these two smartphones? We put them side-by-side to compare and see how much it is worth the upgrade. Check them out below!

Google Pixel 7a vs. Google Pixel 4a

The Pixel 4a was one of the greatest Android phones Google had ever made when it first came out, and it is now selling at around $399, which is still a lot. When compared to the $499 price of the Pixel 7a, well, that price tag is even more difficult to accept, isn’t it?!

But, on a different matter here, the prices can get low or high all the time; one thing, though, that we keep remembering is the design.

The Pixel 4a and Pixel 7a have very different designs. Back in the day, Google’s first smartphones were renowned for their elegant yet straightforward designs. And that’s Pixel 4a’s case, too. The Pixel 7a, on the other hand, carries on the company’s new and exclusive design with clean aesthetics and narrow lines, making it a distinctive gadget. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

Going next to the software matters, the Pixel 4a still supports Android 13, which is the best because that’s actually the most recent version of the OS. The 7a is obviously a better option for long-term users, especially for those who don’t want to worry about keep receiving Android upgrades. The Pixel 4a is not going to support future upgrades.

If you’re still into that chic vintage Nexus design for your Pixel, the Google Pixel 4a could continue to be a fantastic gadget for you! But, let’s face it, the Pixel 7a is now an even better gadget. You’ll get a more powerful battery, lots of premium features, and wireless charging at mid-range pricing. So, it seems that this Pixel matter right here could only be differentiated by how much you’re willing to let go of the past.

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