How to Skip YouTube’s 30-second Ads in the Most Easiest Way?

YouTube’s latest change includes 30-second ads like it wasn’t already a big deal ruining our video experience. So, what’s the thing with these 30-second ads? The fact that they’re actually unskippable it’s going to scare off even our worst nightmares.

YouTube has recently revealed some skyrocketing statistics that are really reaching a huge milestone. According to that data, there are 150 million connected TV viewers in the US alone. So, as a matter of fact, more YouTube video viewers mean more people to advertise to and more opportunities for ad placement, of course. Therefore, YouTube said it would replace two 15-second skippable ads on linked TVs with one 30-second skippable spot. Yes, you read that right!

What are your thoughts on YouTube’s latest ad change, and how do you think it would change users’ video experience in the long run?

Although YouTube claims that this has no format-related changes for users, we guess that after trying our patience with unskippable ads back in September of last year, the company somehow saw some financial logic in this recent decision. Quite disappointing, isn’t it?! Is there, though, a way to skip these non-ending ads?

Apparently, the only way to completely avoid commercials is one that’ll cost us money. Subscribing to YouTube Premium can get rid of those annoying ads, offering you a wonderful YouTube experience without being interrupted. So, are you willing to pay some cash for such a thing?

The good news is that this change will initially only be available on linked TVs. But YouTube may certainly try its 30-second unskippable ads on mobile, too, in the near future, even if it would bring a revolution among users that are already bothered by ads so much. The chances for that to happen are pretty high; luckily, we won’t see that too soon!

Georgia Nica
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