Deppart is a Body-Cam Horror Game That’ll Scare You Good: Check Out Gameplay!


For all genre lovers, the following could be just the tip of the iceberg. However, for the rest of us who prefer to have our senses spiked with creepy scenes and scream continuously, well, let’s say that it shouldn’t be a good idea. But, suppose you’re up for a horror challenge, then you can totally try your hand playing the frightening body-cam horror game Deppart right now.

It didn’t take long for horror enthusiasts to take a liking to the first-person nightmare’s spooky creatures and bleak ambiance when developer N4bA recently released a demo for it on What’s best, we get to see Deppart via gameplay by reputable YouTuber Markiplier:

Quite terrifying, isn’t it?! ‘Luckily,’ it gets worse.

What is Deppart and What to Expect?

Deppart puts you into the mood right away when it comes to gameplay, but it isn’t that simple. While drunkenly shooting a gun at whatever monster may be hiding around the next corner or room, you have to control your worn-out, bit-blood-soaked figure down hallway corridor after corridor. Spooky enough to chill your bones, but if you’ve reached this part, then you know what you’ve settled for!

The Deppart Prototype is available for download on

What are your thoughts about the horror games genre? What’s your favorite?

Although Deppart isn’t yet flawless, the goosebumps and jumpscares should somehow serve as a cool starting point for a future complete release. And with that, we hope the game will be exceptionally horrifying.

BONUS: you may want to lower the level on your headphones while playing Deppart; the sound experience is skyrocketing!

Deppart is actually the most recent example of an indie gaming trend that favors ultra-realistic body cam aesthetics you won’t be able to escape for days. If you’re willing to try something else, Unrecord by developer and publisher Drama will be totally worth your time. It doesn’t have the horrifying surroundings from N4bA’s concept. However, it comes with an exciting first-person shooter and some of the most photorealistic graphics ever seen in horror gaming.

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