Google Maps (Wear OS) 11.80.0501.W APK Update Brings Improvements and Fixes

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Using Google Maps directly from your Wear OS smartwatch without having to pull out your phone can surely be very comfortable. Having all the necessary information directly on our wrist will soon become possible, judging by the way the smartwatch market goes.

The famous Google Maps app for Wear OS has now been updated to version 11.80.0510.W, and it’s already up for grabs! Android 11 is the minimum requirement, which means that it’s definitely not too hard to achieve compatibility.

You can grab the new Google Maps (Wear OS) 11.80.0501.W update in a simple APK form, and the download will even occupy less than 20MB of storage memory.

What’s new for Google Maps (Wear OS) 11.80.0501.W

New places and venues appear constantly throughout the world, and obviously, navigation apps such as Google Maps need to comply. That’s what has now happened to the Wear OS version of Google Maps, as the devs have upgraded the app with new places and ways to navigate to them. The patch notes don’t tell us more when it comes to this particular subject, which means that using Google Maps on your smartwatch is the best way to see exactly what’s new.

Furthermore, the new 11.80.0501.W update for Google Maps fixes some of the app’s bugs. Regardless of how great an app may be, guess what? Bugs will still occur, and it’s best to always keep an eye on the latest update for an app in order to keep yourself away from technical issues that might occur.

Google Maps offers you access to a wide range of places, cities, venues, and specific ways to get there. Accessing the app is free of charge, and you can always find out the shortest routes to your favorite destinations.

How often do you use Google Maps on your Wear OS-based smartwatch?

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