Good News For Resident Evil Village Fans! The Game Will Have Performance And Graphics Modes On PS5!

Morimasa Sato, the Resident Evil Village director, teased that the upcoming title will feature Performance and Graphics modes on the PS5.

Capcom has a tradition for offering players customizability options on the front. As you may know, Devil May Cry 5: Special has plenty of modes on the advanced hardware developed by Sony and Microsoft.

In an interview for the April 2021 edition of the official PlayStation Magazine, director Morimasa Sato was questioned if RE Village will include Performance and Graphics modes similar to those of DMC5: Special Edition.

Sato didn’t provide any explicit details but mentioned: “there are settings which will allow each player to optimize the experience according to their preference.”

He also explained the team’s goal to fully use the power of the PS5 to “create a realistic experience.”

He mentioned that the developers had to struggle between visuals and performance in the past, but that problem should be a thing of the past, thanks to the PS5’s advanced hardware.

Also, Sato mentioned that PS4 gamers shouldn’t feel left out, as the game will run well on last-gen systems.

Capcom may reveal more details regarding the performance options and the game in general during the Resident Evil Showcase that will take place next week, on April 15, at 3:00 pm PT.

We expect the digital event to introduce us to a brand-new trailer, plus some RE Village new gameplay in action.

The next title of the franchise will star Ethan Winters, the protagonist of Resident Evil 7.

Also, similar to last year’s RE3 remake, the game will feature multiplayer content in the form of RE: Verse.

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