Fortnite x Dragon Ball Crossover: New Details LEAKED

Credit:, Carlos Hilario

We found out from the beginning of the current month that Fortnite will make a collaboration with the famous anime franchise Dragon Ball. The crossover shouldn’t surprise anyone, in the end, considering that the battle royale game is well-known for some wild crossovers.

It’s pretty much everyone’s guess what the crossover will look like. Some want Goku and Vegeta fighting against one another, others want to see Piccolo as well, other people want Frieza to make a comeback as well, while the majority cannot possibly conceive the collaboration without Goku.

Thanks to @ShiinaBR, a Twitter user who has also revealed three out of four characters that will be present in the Dragon Ball x Fortnite crossover, we now have a lot more info about what to expect from the future collaboration!

Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover will have four skins

According to the new leak, the upcoming collaboration will consist of four skins: Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and most likely a female character. We’re expecting Kale or Caulifa. We wouldn’t say no, however, if Chi Chi is reactivated. Let’s not forget that Goku’s wife is still a martial artist and a pretty good one since she made Goten become a Super Saiyan. However, the presence of Beerus is indeed surprising since he is a God of Destruction and even more powerful than Goku or Vegeta. Beerus’ power might be overwhelming even in Fortnite.

The leak in question also says that we can expect free rewards, lots of quests, the Attack Ball glider, a special place known as “Preheat,” and more.

If no surprises occur, the collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball will land at some point in August. However, Epic Games didn’t say anything about the crossover, which means that people can still assume that Dragon Ball coming to the famous battle royale game is nothing but pure speculation.


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