Fortnite Season 5 New Week 15 Challenges: Full Guide

As Fortnite Season 5 is getting closer to an end, we get to enjoy the last piece of it. The new week 15 challenges are now available and ready to bring you some sweet XP!

The last set of weekly tasks comes with double XP, so if you’re looking to complete the current Battle Pass and unlock all of the cool skins, now it’s your chance. Luckily, we have all the information that you need.

Here is what you need to know.

Week 15 Epic Quests

Week 15 comes with the following tasks:

  1. Hire a character (1);
  2. Buy an item from a character (1);
  3. Distance traveled through sand (500);
  4. Get intel from a character (1);
  5. Spend only 5 seconds within 20 meters of opponents while sand tunnelling (5);
  6. Upgrade a gun (1);
  7. Spend Bars (500).

This week’s challenges feature some intriguing sandy tasks and more interaction with characters.

Let’s take the third and the fifth challenge from the list. You can complete the tasks by standing still on the sand that covers the centre of the map. 

Next, traveling a distance in the sand is pretty much straightforward. The thing is that you have to do that while being sneaky around enemies. And that for only 5 seconds!

For the seventh challenge, you’ll need to spend 500 Bars. To note, Epic Games have said that we will lose all the amassed Gold Bars when this season ends. So, that shouldn’t be a tough challenge at all. 

You’ll just have to find some NPCs selling weapons, items, Intel, or offering weapon upgrades.

Finally, you’ll have to hire an NPC/character to be your bodyguard. How cool is this? 

Try with Mancake at the Butter Barn or Doggo at Retail Row, and you’ll complete the task in a bit.

Week 15 Legendary Quest

  • Duel characters (5/10/15/20/25).

For this legendary quest, you’ll have to duel a few characters. How can you do this?

Just talk to an NPC that offers duels (search the symbol of a gun and a dagger). Then, get ready to fight!

Remember that not all characters will want to duel with you. You can try Blaze near Holly Hedges, Kondor at Misty Meadows, Kit at Catty Corner, Menace at Colossal Coliseum, Big Chuggus at Slurpy Swamp, and Brutus at Dirty Docks.

Complete now all the challenges and get ready for a new adventure. Fortnite Season 6 will air next week!

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