Fortnite No Sweat Summer Quests: What Are the Rewards?

Source: Epic Games

What are the Fortnite No Sweat Summer quests? We celebrate summer this year with a huge event thanks to the latest Fortnite 21.30 update.

The No Sweat Summer event has just aired, adding cool quests to complete and earn some exclusive cosmetics. How great is that? Curious about the Fortnite No Sweat Summer quests? We’ve compiled a sleek guide of everything you need to know, including the rewards.

Fortnite No Sweat Summer Quests and Rewards

The Fortnite No Sweat Summer event has just kicked in, introducing a brand-new set of quests you don’t have to miss! Every year we get the chance to try such stuff, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Check out all the Fortnite No Summer rewards and find out how to unlock some:


For this year’s huge celebration, we get to complete cool challenges to earn some free and impressive rewards! As you can notice, the quests are not such a big deal, and you should be able to complete them in no time.

Source: Epic Games

Currently, there are only eight No Sweat Summer quests to complete. But fear not! We’ll update the list as soon as new challenges are revealed.

Check out the three Fortnite No Sweat Summer quests available right now:

No Sweat Sponsorship Quests

  • Pick up a No Sweat Sign (1)
  • Land after jumping from the Battle Bus during the No Sweat Summer event (1)
  • Carry the No Sweat sign and place it at a sponsorship location (1)
  • Make a character dance to a Boogie Bomb (1)
  • Complete a lap around the boat race circuit after the starting countdown (1)

No Sweat Marketing Quests

  • Catch 3 seconds of air while driving a motorboat (1)
  • Emote at different promotional dance floor locations (2)
  • Ring doorbells until they break (2)

Fortnite No Sweat Summer Quests: Release Date

A new Fortnite No Sweat Summer challenge will be available every day, around 6 AM PT/ 9 AM ET/ 2 PM BST. The summer event will come to an end on August 3, 2022.

Make sure you complete the No Sweat Summer quests in time to earn some sweet XP and grab some of the most incredible rewards.

Stay tuned for more sleek Fortnite news and tips!

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