Fortnite 21.30 Update Comes With New Skins, Bundles and a Huge Summer Event

Source: Epic Games

Curious about what Epic Games has in store for you? New Fortnite 21.30 adds a new shotgun, skins, and one of the coolest summer events.

Even better, this mid-season update is ready to challenge all Fortnite players to some fresh quests. That’s great if you want to earn some sweet XP and level up. We’ve compiled a sleek guide about what the new Fortnite 21.30 update contains, including the summer skins and bundles.

Fortnite 21.30 Update: Downtime Details

The downtime for the Fortnite 21.30 update will shortly kick in on Monday, July 18, 2022, at 1 AM PT/ 4 AM ET/ 9 AM BST. And as you probably know by now, the matchmaking won’t be available for about 30 minutes before, so you don’t have to worry about it!

That’s all we know about the downtime, and based on the previous Fortnite update, it could also last for about one hour or two.

Fortnite 21.30 Update: Summer Skins and Bundles

This summer, we’re going to celebrate all the fun and sun with exclusive new skins and bundles! Fortnite update 21.30 comes with tons of summer-themed cosmetics and bundles in the Item Shop for the next few weeks.

Check out what popular tipster @ShiinaBR posted on Twitter:

Fortnite 21.30 Update: Summer Event

The new Fortnite 21.30 update welcomes this year’s huge summer event; by the looks of it, we’ll sure have tons of fun!

Epic will also unveil more details in the following days. We should expect a set of new challenges, summer-themed map changes, and of course, free cosmetic rewards. How cool is that?

Source: Epic Games

Fortnite 21.30 Update: Voting Opens For Buildings

Last season we witnessed how the Tilted Towers got semi-destroyed, and now we could finally make a change about that! Soon, all Fortnite players will be able to vote for the buildings they want to rebuild. That’s pretty amazing, right?

Check out what @iFireMonkey shared on Twitter:

Fortnite 21.30 Update: Bug Fixes

These are the bug fixes introduced by the new Fortnite 21.30 update:

  • Vehicles might have trouble driving up or down steep certain area
  • Frame Rate Limit Settings missing when using GeForce Now on PC
  • Grimey Outfit may not always react to eliminations
  • The tracker device is not updating correctly for teams in Creative Mode

Stay tuned for more Fortnite news and tips!

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