Dream Puts the Smiley Mask Back on and Deletes Face Reveal Video


The YouTuber known as Dream has declared that he will be wearing a mask once more, this time seemingly permanently, after doing a face reveal months ago.

As you may be well aware, YouTube has countless creators and niches – everything for everyone out there!

Contrary to well-known movie stars, some of the most popular YouTubers may have hundreds of millions of followers and consistently receive millions of views on each video, but there is also a chance that you have never even heard of them – or really seen their faces! It’s an intriguing platform that enables people, like Dream, to take on the role of the public face of a particular internet subculture.

The 23-year-old content producer Dream is best known for his Minecraft videos and has over 30 million subscribers.

He remained anonymous for many years and only ever appeared on screen with a mask covering his face.

Dream, however, finally made the decision to reveal his face earlier this year.

He didn’t particularly stand out and he appeared to be a fairly typical 20-something, but his goal was to be able to film more content and go out in public without needing to wear a mask to hide his face.

The face reveal did, however, somewhat backfire. Many people were pretty cruel to Dream and made fun of his appearance, downvoted the video, and more.

It was quite harsh, even to the point of cruel online bullying and it appears that Dream is now attempting to distance himself from that video – but not just anyhow, his latest video announcing this being really entertaining and well produced in itself.

In the clip, he removes the face reveal video and orders a new mask that he can wear out in public without discomfort or it obstructing his vision.

Dream says at the end of the video that he is actually going back to wearing a mask all the time, despite the fact that the majority of the video is a skit in which his friends joke that they are losing money because he is so ugly.

Of course, people are already familiar with his appearance, and Google makes it simple to find images of him, so it is debatable how much good this does for him.

If Dream finds it a little challenging to remain hidden for so long, it raises the question of whether he will just release another face reveal in a few years.

Ionela Ghergus
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