Statistics Show Women Own Most Switch Consoles and Half of PS5s and Some ‘Gamer Boys’ Can’t Handle it!

Yes, new data from Circana demonstrates once again that women do play video games.

In 2023, this obviously shouldn’t be surprising news but it somehow still is to some.

In actuality, women make up over half of all Switch owners, for instance.

Now, an outspoken group of fools is responding to this “discovery” much as you would anticipate.

Just the other day, the executive director and video game industry analyst at Circana, Mat Piscatella, tweeted some recently published information on who is purchasing and playing video games in the United States.

First, Piscatella said that a large number of women have been playing games across all platforms as of 2023, according to Circana’s PlayerPulse.

More precisely, there are 54 percent female mobile game players, 47 percent female PC gamers, and 50 percent female console gamers.

And each of these 3 statistics is up 1 percent from the previous year so the numbers are only going up.

The number of women who own particular consoles in the US was then updated by Piscatella.

According to monthly analyses and polls conducted by Circana, women possess 45 percent of Xbox Series X/S consoles and 41 percent of PS5s in the US.

What’s even more intriguing is that 52 percent of all Switch owners in the country are female.

Many individuals responded to this information by saying, “Yeah, that makes sense,” or “Yup, that is reality, and I’ve met lots of ladies who play games in 2023,” but there were also some gamer boys who had a different response.

Many people have responded to the statistics in Piscatella’s tweets with rage, disbelief, and corny jokes.

Some said the data is inaccurate or that mums buying consoles for their young sons are skewing the owner statistics.

Piscatella clarified in later tweets that this isn’t how data is gathered or how the monthly polls operate.

All of these ridiculous beliefs turned out to be not only untrue but also showed that many of these guys probably don’t interact with women in real life – or online – much.

The emotions of these irate gamers are quite funny because they are basically telling on themselves.

Men have frequently posted that they can’t find these “gamer girls”; therefore they don’t buy the stats.

Based on their past tweets, it seems rather obvious why women may be avoiding them.

Others pointed out that they seldom ever hear women’s voices in multiplayer lobbies and questioned where all the girls were in online games such as Call of Duty.

To such folks, I advise you to go through all the indignant comments to Piscatella’s statistics and take notice of all these mad boys and men labeling women “fake gamers,” making fun of them for playing The Sims or mobile games, and conjuring up complex conspiracies involving data manipulation in the name of “woke” agendas.

No wonder women are still very much reluctant when it comes to revealing themselves while online gaming!

The fact that in 2023 there are millions of gamers worldwide, including women, is a reality. And since video games first appeared, women have played them too.

The ninth best-selling PC game of 1996 was Barbie Fashion Designer, which outsold Doom and Quake in sales.

Of course, that’s not to say that ladies didn’t play Doom and Quake as well back then!

That being said, maybe it’s time the toxic male gaming community starts asking themselves why their female counterpart is still choosing to stay hidden.

Ionela Ghergus
Ionela Ghergus has been writing for multiple publications since graduating university in 2015. She strongly believes learning is a lifelong process so she has many interests and knowledge about a variety of topics she loves to share through her product reviews and guides. She is especially passionate about technology and how it constantly transforms the world we live in, which is why covering tech news and compiling best gadget lists is currently her biggest focus as a journalist.