Dragon Ball’s Forgotten Characters Who Deserve More Spotlight

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We recently spoke about some of the most interesting Dragon Ball characters who should been resurrected and about characters who got amazing introductions. For the current article, it’s time to remind a bit about those forgotten Dragon Ball characters who are still somehow around in the Dragon Ball Super Manga, but didn’t receive as much spotlight as they once did.

Throughout the entire Dragon Ball franchise, we’ve witnessed the introduction of multiple characters, and there’s no telling when new ones will appear. However, it’s time to dive a bit into the past and check out a few characters who should deserve more attention in the future of the Dragon Ball franchise:

Android 18:

Android 18 was introduced as an evil android back in the Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z, alongside Android 17, her twin brother. Android 18 is a very beautiful young girl, and she later becomes human and marries Krillin after her little show as an evil being. She showcased some pretty mundane traits, and Krillin decided to ask Shenron to make her fully human after falling in love with her.

Back in the Cell Saga, Android 18 gave Vegeta the beating of his life, even though the Saiyan Prince just achieved the Super Saiyan transformation. What an entrance from Android 18! That was Android 18’s most memorable moment, as it was also greatly appreciated by the fans. However, we’ve rarely seen instances of Android 18 in which she had important battles since that time, which is why I believe that she deserves a lot more spotlight.


Tien is perhaps the strongest Earthling in Dragon Ball, and he was a very important character during the original Dragon Ball series when Goku was a kid. Tien fought against Goku twice in the World Martial Arts Tournament, and he did a very impressive job. Tien is known for some out-of-this-world fighting techniques, such as Multi-Form, Solar Flare, growing two extra arms instantly, and more.

Tien got involved in the fight against the Saiyans in early Dragon Ball Z but barely had any contributions in the entire franchise since those times. It’s true that he appeared to fight against Frieza’s soldiers in the ‘Resurrection F’ movie and in the Tournament of Power arc from Dragon Ball Super, but still, he deserved a lot more spotlight given how important he once was for the franchise.


I said it before numerous times, and I’ll see it again: Raditz deserved a lot more attention in Dragon Ball! He is the evil brother of Goku who revealed the true Saiyan origin to our hero, and he had one of the most memorable entrances in the entire franchise. After kidnapping Gohan and easily defeating his father, Goku, Raditz tried to kill his own brother and announced that he would destroy the Earth. What an entrance!

Raditz was nowhere to be found since the Saiyan Saga of Dragon Ball Z, where he met his demise under the hands of Piccolo and Goku, who had to team up even though they were sworn enemies at that point. It’s pretty peculiar that Raditz hasn’t returned in one way or another in the franchise, and the subject is still a burning topic among the fans today.

Supreme Kai:

Supreme Kai was introduced during the Majin Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z as one of the most important deities. In fact, he was the most important deity when he was introduced until Beerus, Whis, and Zeno came along in Dragon Ball Super. Supreme Kais have the purpose of creating planets and life forms, which was a pretty unique concept back in Dragon Ball Z when the Supreme Kai of Earth was introduced. He even got involved in a fight against Majin Buu and proved to be weaker than a Super Saiyan. In other words, Supreme Kais cares about the well-being of the people of Earth, which is why it would have been reasonable to see the Supreme Kai involved in more fights in Dragon Ball Super.

We can surely have hopes that at least some of our Dragon Ball-related wishes will be granted, as there’s a brand new anime in the works that will arrive in the fall of 2024, and it’s called “Dragon Ball Daima.”

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