Summer Game Fest 2023: Check Out the Full Showcase Schedule

Geoff Keighley/ Summer Game Fest

June 2023 still has a multitude of major video game events, such as the returning Summer Game Fest and specific shows for companies like Ubisoft, Devolver Digital, Xbox, and more. We’ve come up with a complete guide og every sleek and big gaming event that will take place this June.

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Guerrilla Collective Online Showcase (7 June)

In June of 2023, the Guerrilla Collective will kick off its online showcase with a massive live-streamed event showcasing the newest indie game announcements, trailers, gameplay videos, and other cool stuff.

Summer Game Fest 2023 (8 June)

Summer Game Fest, Geoff Keighley’s yearly showcase for video game industry news and announcements, will return in June 2023. Ubisoft, Disney, Electronic Arts, Xbox, Square Enix, Capcom, PlayStation, CD Projekt, Netflix, Warner Bros. Games, and many more will all be showcasing new trailers and teasers during this year’s event.

Devolver Digital (8 June)

In June, Devolver Digital will hold “The Return of Volvy,” a massive video game expo that’ll definitely surprise some!

Wholesome Direct 2023 (10 June)

This summer, amidst the chaos of Summer Game Fest, we’ll welcome Wholesome Direct, a cozy games expo highlighting new and future blockbusters with colorful, lively themes and uplifting moods. There will be around 70 titles featured in this year’s showcase, which will feature an hour of previews and playable reveals.

Future Games Show (10 June)

This June, the Future Games Show will return with a plethora of game announcements. This summer’s celebrations will feature trailers for over 40 games, including those for the PS5, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Virtual Reality systems.

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Xbox Games Showcase & Starfield Direct (11 June)

The Xbox unveiling will have two distinct components that you don’t want to miss. The first half of this double feature will kick off with some unannounced Xbox news for exciting games.

PC Gaming Show (11 June)

A variety of forthcoming PC titles will be showcased at PC Gamer’s PC Gaming Show, which will return in June 2023, as previously stated. Dune: Awakening, Frostpunk 2, Baldur’s Gate 3, and more are just some of the over 55 games that have been confirmed thus far.

Ubisoft Forward (12 June)

This summer, Ubisoft will host its annual showcase event dubbed Ubisoft Forward. One reason is the lack of fresh releases promised by Ubisoft for the remainder of this year.

Capcom Showcase (12 June)

Capcom will air a sleek 36-minute presentation commemorating the company’s 40th anniversary and including “news and updates on [its] latest games,” joining other big Summer Game Fest displays. We should also learn more about the company’s next releases, like Dragon’s Dogma 2 and Exoprimal. And some additional surprises are always welcome, of course!

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