Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s Hero of Justice Pack 2 DLC Becomes Available

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Those who became fans of the 2022 movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will clearly like this one: the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 video game has added both Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo through the new Hero of Justice Pack 2 DLC! In other words, the main protagonists of the latest Dragon Ball film and at their highest level will be present in the game’s roster from now on!

Thanks to GamerBraves, we know about the new DLC and what it brings new! Surely the Super Hero movie had its flaws, but let’s not forget that people are different. Each person perceives things in their own way, and it’s a fellow’s right to consider Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero a masterpiece if that’s what he wants. Orange Piccolo and Gohan Beast represent the strongest transformations of our heroes as they aim to take down new powerful androids created by Dr. Hedo, including Cell Max.

What’s new in Hero of Justice Pack 2

The new Hero of Justice Pack 2 DLC doesn’t bring only Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo.

The update also includes the following:


Demon Ray
Special Beam Cannon (Beast)
Fierce Fist
Demon Flash Strike
Demon Flurry
Demonic Destruction
Apocalyptic Burst


Red Ribbon Army

Parallel Quest:

Scream Team vs. Dream Team
Lights! Camera! Super Heroes!
Pan in Peril
The Man, the Myth, the Yamcha

Costume and Accessories:

Red Ribbon Soldier 94 Clothes
Dr. Hedo Hood
Gohan (Beast) Wig
Red Ribbon Army Helmet
Dr. Hedo Suit

Super Souls:

Shenron really went the extra mile.
Enter the hero!
The Red Ribbon Army is back in business!
Is that all?
I’m a whole new me.

There are plenty of platforms that you can use to play Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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