‘Rust’ Shows off Upcoming DLC in a Preview


Despite the fact that the multiplayer survival game Rust was released in 2013, Facepunch Studios has no plans to stop producing new content for it anytime soon.

In fact, the studio just released a significant upgrade for the nuclear missile silo that introduced a brand new monument for gamers to explore.

Furthermore, we now know that Facepunch will release a DLC set the following month that will provide gamers access to additional cosmetics and quality-of-life elements that should be quite useful when experimenting with the appearance of your build.

Even if it’s not nearly as impressive as a nuclear silo, this DLC’s cargo container is likely to get attention from gamers who want to spruce up their bases.

On June 1, the shipping container skin DLC becomes available. If you choose to employ it, your buildings will have a more industrial appearance both on the inside and the exterior.

This comes after the Adobe building skin, which was introduced earlier this year and received positive feedback from users for its appearance, even though they weren’t as pleased with the cost.

It’s interesting to see shipping container buildings appear in Rust because they have recently become more common in the real world as well.

Nevertheless, depending on what you’re searching for, the quality-of-life enhancements may be the most intriguing aspect of the update.

Producer of Facepunch Alistair McFarlane said as part of the announcement that the team is working on a feature that would let players change block colors by only using the Spraycan.

This all appears to be going quite well in the video that accompanied the tweet, although McFarlane does add that the feature is “currently experimental” and gamers could see changes made before the game’s release.

In any case, although this DLC update won’t change the game as much as some others, it will be significant for Rust gamers.

After all, using unusual construction materials won’t do much other than enhance imagination and immersion.

Some gamers will likely find it worthwhile, but others can probably pass on this DLC, especially if it costs $13 as the Adobe bundle did.

Ionela Ghergus
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