Dragon Ball Super Manga Fixes Goku’s Most Embarassing Moment From the ‘Super Hero’ Movie

Credit: Toei Animation

The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie that came out in 2022 made plenty of fans happy, although it still had its undeniable flaws. After a long time, Goku and Vegeta weren’t under the spotlight anymore, so it was time for Gohan and Piccolo to try to save the day.

Perhaps the most controversial moment in the movie was when Goku made some terrible comments about Vegeta’s meditation when the two Saiyans were training on Beerus’ planet. Goku acted as if he didn’t see any purpose in meditation whatsoever. He made some dismissive comments about Vegeta’s meditation that made some fans angry, arguing that the attitude bluntly contradicted Goku’s true character.

Chapter 93 of the manga fixes everything

The Dragon Ball Super Manga is now adapting the Super Hero movie in its chapters. But as it did in the case of Resurrection F Saga and the Beerus Saga, the manga is changing a few things with Super Hero as well. According to CBR.com, although the 2022 film failed to acknowledge the role reversal between Goku and Vegeta’s philosophies, leading to confusion among viewers, the manga adaptation of the scene rectified this by acknowledging Vegeta’s meditation and even highlighting Goku’s awareness and appreciation of his rival’s personal growth.

The controversy still remains, that’s true, as nobody can simply erase the existence of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, but it’s nice to see that the manga provided clarity and allowed fans to grasp the intended dynamics between the two characters.

It’s also very exciting to know that Chapter 93 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga sees both Goku and Vegeta training very hard in order to be strong enough to fight Frieza. As you probably already know, the former intergalactic emperor has a new form, which makes him even stronger than Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta. He has become known as Black Frieza.

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