‘Undead Citadel’ is Coming Soon to PSVR2, SteamVR, and Quest 2

Credit: Steam

You’ll soon get the chance to embark on an extraordinary journey with Undead Citadel, which is an exclusive virtual reality experience that thrusts players  into a realm infested with legions of the undead. In this game, you can brace yourself for heart-pounding battles against countless foes, where you can wield weapons and employ devastating tactics using your own hands.

With each swing, stab, or shot, you’ll feel the weight of the fight and struggle as you venture deeper into the accursed citadel’s sinister depths. You can prepare to be fully immersed in an adrenaline-fueled adventure that you might have never seen before, where every encounter is a pulse-pounding test of skill and courage. Undead Citadel beckons players to rise against the horde and emerge triumphant in a thrilling VR odyssey.

Undead Citadel launches on June for SteamVR

Undead Citadel will launch for SteamVR on June 8, 2023, while releases for Meta Quest 2 and PSVR2 will occur at a later date that we still don’t know about. Players will be thrust into a sprawling medieval citadel during a raging storm, and they’ll be facing off against hordes of undead in visually stunning combat. As Sir Anvil Capheus, armed with a sword, the player must explore the citadel, discovering new weapons and using them to crush their enemies.

Players will have access to over 60 close combat weapons, ranged options, and even magical abilities. Adapting to different enemy types is a ‘must’. The game offers a campaign with more than 10 levels and a leaderboard-driven Horde mode.

In recent years, virtual reality-based gaming has gone through a remarkable surge in both popularity and development. It has transformed from a niche technology into a mainstream phenomenon, captivating numerous gamers worldwide. The growth of VR gaming can be attributed to a few factors, including increased affordability, as well as the accessibility of VR headsets.

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