Did You Know That Giving Up Carbs Can Have These Side Effects

Maybe you’re trying to lose some pounds, or you’re eager to stop your persistent hunger, cutting your carbohydrate intake might be the solution. Experts, however, think otherwise.

A recent study discusses the side effects of giving up carbs, and the findings are genuinely intriguing. Apparently, weight loss is not the only thing you get when you cut the carbs in your diet.

Here is what you need to know.

Get a Persistent Headache

Choosing to ditch carbs from your diet might get you the biggest headache, literally! And forget about meds, the headache can persist a lot.

Sheneen Lalani is an internal medicine physician. She released a statement discussing the side effects of cutting carbs, including persistent headaches. She said:

“When you don’t eat enough sugar, and there is a drop in your blood glucose level, it can cause extreme headaches.”

Experts recommend adding extra water to your routine to fend off any headaches.

Get the “Keto Flu”

One of the most encountered side-effects of ditching carbs is flu-like symptoms. As if the current Covid-19 situation wasn’t enough, right?

Try to avoid getting the “keto flu” by drinking plenty of water. Also, monitoring your body is a great choice to see if any symptoms disappear.

Become More Irritable

If you’re feeling suddenly pissed-off, but don’t know why, well, blame the carb-free diet!

As previously mentioned, ditching carbs can drop your blood glucose level. That can influence the adrenal glands to release hormones that make your body feel like in a stressed state. 

Moreover, a low blood glucose level can also lead to difficulty concentrating or anxiety.

Become Constipated

Switching to a heavy diet on protein and fats from a carbs-rich diet can do a lot of harm to your body. One of the side effects is a troubled digestive system.

The reason? The dietary fiber essential for elimination is found in carbs.

Feeling Weak

Ditching carbs means you’re also dropping a significant source of fuel your body needs.

Right after you start giving up carbs, you’ll feel tired and weak. These feeling can persist for long, influencing your routine.

So, before choosing to ditch carbs, it’s better if you think twice and consider the side effects mentioned above!

Georgia Nica
Writing was, and still is my first passion. I love all that cool stuff about science and technology. I'll try my best to bring you the latest news every day.