Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 85: Gas Dominates Vegeta

Credit: Pixabay.com, Rafael Javier

With the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie released in Japan a few days ago, the legendary franchise continues through the Dragon Ball Super manga and the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime.

Things are heating up in the manga as well, where Goku and Vegeta still have to deal with Gas. The member of the Heeters has asked the Eternal Dragon to become the strongest being in the Universe, and that’s why our heroes have serious trouble battling him.

Chapter 85 of the Dragon Ball Super manga is on its way, and we have already found out what’s going to happen. While Goku is cool as a cucumber on the battlefield, Vegeta seems to go all out in battling Gas. The Saiyan Prince is once again using his Ultra Ego technique, his strongest transformation ever, in his attempt to take down Gas. But Vegeta is once again caught running around like a headless chicken, as he seems to not have a chance against his opponent.

Gas clearly has the upper hand in Chapter 85 of the manga, although Vegeta finally manages to land a blow on him. The two beloved Saiyans have started another round of their confrontation against Gas after having their health restored.

But even with Gas having the advantage against Vegeta, that’s precisely a situation that the Saiyan Prince can exploit. The Ultra Ego technique makes the user stronger as he receives damage. But at this point, Vegeta seems like he won’t have the chance to use that advantage anymore, as Gas is trying to kill him. But remember, we’re talking about Dragon Ball here, where the plot never ceases to amaze you in the most unexpected ways!

The outcome of the fight between Vegeta and Gas might still be anybody’s guess, so stay tuned to find out more from future leaks!

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