BTS Releases Teaser for ‘Permission To Dance’ in Collaboration with Ed Sheeran

The soon-to-be hit co-written by the talented singer and writer the international pop celebrity, Ed Sheeran will be released this Friday, the 9th of July. Hybe Label has published the music teaser on Youtube today, and it already has more than 2,192,475 views.

More about ’Permission To Dance’

The newly released teaser is only 32 seconds long, and in the video, all seven members make an appearance, looking perfect as usual. The single will be included in a new CD alongside the hit ’Butter’, and it will become available at 1 p.m; on Friday, KST. The new CD will also come with concept photos, and the latest set was published on the 5th of July.

BTS released four sets of concept photos for the new ‘Butter’ CD

The first set of concept photos has been released on the 28th of June, and the seven handsome and talented singers appear holding different items: a pen, cheese balls, a landline phone, a lollipop and even a dart arrow. The second set of concept photos was released on the 29th of June, and the band members appear in some sort of a police mug-shot scenery, wearing inmate outfits. For the third set of photos, the BTS band members surprised ARMY with a car wash photoshoot, and the visuals are stunning. The latest photo shot is at the beach, and they are wearing colourful summer clothes. The beach-themed photoshoot is quite impressive.

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