Zoo Animals are Getting Vaccinated for COVID

There’s no doubt that everyone loves their pets, whether we’re talking about cats, dogs, hamsters, or even tarantulas. It’s wonderful to care for an animal, and some people now believe that one way of showing your affection is by vaccinating your non-speaking companions.

According to InsideEdition.com, employees from the Oakland Zoo in California are giving animals experimental vaccines. The New York Times says that bears, lions, tigers, and ferrets are the first 100 animals getting the vaccine doses.

Thousands of doses of COVID vaccines donated to zoos, sanctuaries, universities, and more

A veterinary company named Zoetis donated 11,000 doses of COVID vaccines to 70 zoos, sanctuaries, universities, as well as to animal conservation sites from all over the United States.

Dr. Alex Herman, who is vice president of veterinary services at the Oakland Zoo, declared:

It means a lot more safety for our beautiful animals,
Our very first animals to get vaccinated at the zoo were two of our beautiful and elderly tigers.

There had been a lot of speculations about the possible transmission of the coronavirus from humans to animals. But let’s not forget that one of the theories for the appearance of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is that it came from animals such as bats or pangolins. Therefore, it may be a good idea to vaccinate animals, although everybody has the right to be sceptical in this area as well.

As for the COVID vaccinations in humans, Our World in Data reveals that so far, 3.16 billion vaccine doses were administered worldwide, while a number of 38.69 million are administered each day. According to the same publication, only 1% of people living in low-income countries have received at least a dose of a COVID vaccine. All of these numbers are still very low compared to what the authorities consider to be the minimum administrated amounts of vaccines.

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