Big Bang’s Seungri Sentenced to Three Years Behind Bars

Credit: Youtube

Seungri is a former member of the popular South Korean band Big Bang, under Y.G. Entertainment. The shock was huge for V.I.P.s, and many fans were scared the band will disband. However, Seungri left the group and waited for his trial to come to an end. Sources mention that the General Military Court has sentenced Seungri to three years in prison for mediating prostitution and illegal gambling. The former idol will have to pay more than $988,627 in fines, and his image might never recover.

What was Seungri accused of?

Seungri was not only passionate about music, but he was also a businessman and owner of a nightclub. He was accused of arranging prostitution for several potential investors, and the ‘Burning Sun’ scandal started back in 2019. He was investigated for many other things, including embezzlement of funds, tampering with evidence, distribution of illegal filmed footage of women, illegal overseas gambling, and violating the South Korean food sanitation laws.

Is Seungri detained?

The same sourced mention that the court ordered his immediate detention. Seungri denied most of the allegations and only pleaded guilty to violating the Foreign Exchange Transition Act. In the past, prosecutors wanted to convict him for five years behind bars. All this scandal has been taking place while Seungri is enlisted for mandatory military service.

Prosecutors believe that Seungri and other his profile people used the Burning Sun club as their hideout and committed many illegal actions. The formal investigation started in February 2019, and the police accused Seungri of using prostitutes to attract investors for his business.
It is highly unlikely that he will return to the music industry as many V.I.P.s are disappointed due to the massive scandal. The scandal took everyone by surprise, and things are not looking good for him.

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