Why is Sunscreen so Important: Facts You Should Know

Yes, wearing sunscreen every day is a must. But do you know why?

Besides protecting you from any sunburns, sunscreen can also prevent many skin issues, including premature ageing or hyperpigmentation. According to specialists, sunscreen should be applied every day, every two or three hours. That depends on whether you’ll be spending most of your time, outside or inside. But that’s not all.

Here is what you need to know.

Sunscreen Benefits and Other Important Facts

As previously mentioned, sunscreen not only protects you from sunburns but can also shield your skin from some severe issues. If you’re still not sure about wearing sunscreen, here are some reasons that might help:

  • It can prevent premature ageing: the ageing process is usually influenced by two factors, genetics and exposure to the sun’s radiation, chemicals, pollution, and other environmental factors. As we can’t control the first factor, we might be able to do something regarding the second, the sun’s radiation. Choosing to apply sunscreen regularly, it will make your skin more youthful-looking and smooth.
  • It can prevent sun sensitivity: people suffering from sun-sensitive conditions, such as rosacea and lupus, are highly advised to use sunscreen every time they expose to UV rays. Applying sunscreen can efficiently prevent solar irritation.
  • It helps prevent skin cancers: adequately applied, sunscreen can shield your skin and protect it from UV radiation, lowering the risk of skin cancers, as well.
  • The risk of hyperpigmentation is lowered: sun exposure can lead to hyperpigmentation, one of the most common skin conditions. Wearing sunscreen each time you go out will lower the risk of hyperpigmentation, as per many studies.

How to Apply Sunscreen

Specialists recommend using a physical sunscreen with an SPF of no lower than 30. This type of sunscreen (unlike the rest) is made of mineral-based ingredients, including titanium oxide and zinc oxide.

The ingredients can “sit” on top of your skin, diverging damaging UV rays, and they’re not absorbed. Following a skin care routine must include a sunscreen product that you should apply every day, regardless of whether you’ll spend most of your time (outside or inside).

TIP: always check the UV index when going out by accessing your phone app.


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