Here’s How GTA 6 Should Be Like – Best Features From the Entire Grand Theft Auto History

It’s only a matter of time until Rockstar will release GTA 6. The game is already under development, and the fans had been waiting too long already. The sixth iteration of the famous Grand Theft Auto series will likely be the best from the legendary franchise, but only time will tell for sure.

Every GTA title is unique in its own way, as many of them have something special that the fans remind about with joy. The ultimate question arises: will GTA 6 truly embrace the best of the series? If so, here are some of the main elements the future game should have:

Three or more protagonist characters (GTA 5)

GTA 5 was the first game from the Grand Theft Auto series that featured more than one protagonist character: Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. More protagonists obviously mean a lot more fun, and GTA 6 should follow the same recipe. Rumours point to the idea of a female character arriving in GTA 6 as one of the protagonists, which can only make us happy.

Playlists from the ’80s on the radio (GTA Vice City)

The 2002 game GTA Vice City was a massive success and one of the best selling games in history. One of the reasons was represented by the game’s ’80s vibe, including legendary music playing on the radio stations while the player was driving cars. Artists like Laura Branigan, Roxette, Michael Jackson, Twisted Sister, Bob Marley, Slayer, and others made GTA Vice City an unforgettable game for its time.

Mechanics from GTA 4

If you remember playing the 2008 title GTA 4, it means that you have great taste when it comes to gaming. That game has a lot of fans even today, and they have some strong reasons. In GTA 4, the movement of an NPC and Niko was so realistically when they were getting shot. Characters were behaving differently depending on the part of the body that got wounded, and that’s one of the reasons players are in love with GTA 4.

Robbing houses (GTA San Andreas)

Robbing houses represent one of the coolest features in GTA history, and it only appeared in the 2004 legendary title GTA San Andreas. The player had to wait for nighttime in the game and hop into a special van for burglars, and the fun begins as soon as he chooses a house. Once entering the house, Carl Johnson (aka CJ, the protagonist character) had to silently sneak and grab any valuable products such as TV sets, microwave ovens, and more. He had to silently pull them out of the house and load them into the van. Any wrong move would have wakened up the house owner and got him to call the police. If the mission was successful, CJ got the chance of exchanging those stolen objects for money in a garage.

‘Transforming’ into an animal (GTA 5)

GTA 5 offers the player the chance to find and eat Peyote plants scattered across the huge map of the game. Eating such a plant would induce Michael, Franklin, or Trevor into a hallucination process and make him ‘become’ an animal. This way, the player would get to control an animal in GTA 5: a hen, a pig, a dolphin, a crow, a rottweiler, and more.

More customization for the protagonist (GTA San Andreas)

GTA San Andreas had a unique customization system, as you could make CJ better in pretty much any way you could think of – buy him clothes, increase his muscles in a gym and get him to learn new fighting moves, improve his gun shooting abilities and his sex appeal, and so on. But if you neglect CJ’s need to eat, for instance, he would have turned fat and got tired significantly faster. Such traits were crucial in his interactions with women, for example. CJ could have a girlfriend, make her happy and so on, or even go Casanova style and have multiple girlfriends in different cities.

Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment saying what elements would you like to see in GTA 6 when it finally arrives.

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