WhatsApp Brings a “Disappearing Content” Feature to iOS Users

Credit: Pixabay.com, Marc Thele

According to psychologists, humans are generally unable to keep a secret, and that’s where the “disappearing messages” function of WhatsApp comes in handy. With over 2 billion users, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app never seems to be slowing down when it comes to looking for ways of improving.

One recent proof is that WhatsApp is finally bringing the function for automatically disappearing content for iPhone owners and those who like to use other devices based on iOS, according to WhatsApp info site WABetaInfo. In other words, you’ll get to send videos and photos that will vanish automatically once the receiver sees them.

Don’t forget about the end-to-end encryption!

Those days are over when you were afraid to let someone know about who’s visiting his wife while he’s not at home. WhatsApp makes it easier than ever, although the platform has supposedly promoted the new feature as a way of encouraging more intimate and authentic conversations. We’re all well aware of those moments when you’re scrolling through your WhatsApp messages outdoors, but a sneaky friend takes a peek at what you’re doing. Those moments will become history along with WhatsApp’s feature! Adding the end-to-end encryption that the platform has always had, we can hope that no government, special forces, aliens, nor reptilians will be spying on our highly-important conversations.

Credit: Pixabay.com, antonbe

The end-to-end encryption ensures that nobody except for the two persons talking will be able to see their messages, not even WhatsApp itself. Or at least that’s what WhatsApp claims, and we have to take their word for it!

Along with the new feature for iOS devices, you’ll even get notified that the receiver has seen your disappearing photo or video, which makes the feature even better.

One interesting fact about WhatsApp is that over 29 million messages are sent through the platform every minute.

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