Americans Used Fewer Fossil Fuels in 2020 Than They Have in 30 Years: New Report Details

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New report shows that America used fewer fossil fuels last year, including petroleum, natural gas, and coal. What’s more intriguing is that such a result was last recorded three decades ago.

According to EIA (the US Energy Information Administration), the consumption of fossil fuels decreased by 9 % in 2020 compared to 2019, the most significant annual decrease since the EIA began its activity in 1949.

Here is what you need to know.

Fewer Fossil Fuels: What to Expect

America succeeded in gobbling up fewer fuels back in 2020, as per a new report released by the EIA. Researchers explained that the Covid-19 pandemic influenced the fall, as Americans stayed home more and used less gas. For example, in April last year, reports show that oil prices lowered below zero due to little demand. And that’s not all.

Higher temperatures recorded last winter also influenced the new results. The energy demand for heating lowered, and the greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels dived to a near 40-year low.

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A new trend and renewable energy

According to researchers, America will have to continue this downward trend if it wants to curb the climate crisis. However, to do that, Americans need to do a lot of work.

That’ll include no further investments in new fossil fuel plans. America’s gas industries are already experiencing a crisis from activist investors and lawsuits. The country is now forced to adopt more sustainable forms of energy faster.

Renewable energy, mostly wind and solar, is now better managed and on the rise. For instance, last year researchers found that the renewable sources of electricity increased quicker than in the 90s.

“The rebound in global carbon emissions toward the end of last year is a stark warning that not enough is being done to accelerate clean energy transitions worldwide,” stated Faith Birol, IEA executive director.

Let’s hope Americans will figure out more ways to curb the climate crisis and keep the recent positive records.


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