Weight Loss or Fat Loss? The Real Difference and More

Weight loss vs. fat loss, the battle continues, yet we still don’t know what’s the difference. 

It might be challenging for some people to figure out whether they’re losing weight from fat or muscle. But how can you tell the difference? Also, which are the best tips for losing exactly what “you need?”

Let’s find out more.

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss: Complete Guide

We must understand that weight loss involves a decrease in your overall body weight from muscle, fat losses, and, of course, water.

On the other hand, fat loss means to lose weight from fat. In a way, saying you lose fat is a more healthful and specific goal than weight loss.

Still, how can you tell what are you losing and how?

Here’s when you’re losing fat

You’ve probably done this before: tracking your weight loss progress using a scale.

That method is used as well if you want to measure the fat percentage. Actually, there is a body fat scale that can offer you enough information about your body composition.

Specialists recommend, too, skinfold calipers to estimate your body fat. However, this might take practice to guarantee accuracy.

Don’t focus on weight loss!

Maintaining fat loss rather than weight loss can significantly lower the risk of many chronic diseases. So, be careful!

It also helps reduce fat regain and the risk of age-related muscle loss. Remember that muscles are very important.

Gain muscle and lose fat: the honest way


Weight loss means your body weight decreases, whereas fat loss refers only to losses in fat mass.

Using a skinfold caliper or a special body fat scale can show you how much fat you lost. You can also always use the simple method: measure the inches or centimeters lost from your waist and write everything down!

Most important, you have to lose weight in the form of fat rather than muscle to avoid any issues.

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